This is a one-of-a-kind immersive event that puts you into the center of the action. The experience takes place in a 360° set inside of our giant inflatable tent. As an audience member, you will quite literally walk through the town of Hyperion Flats, where characters will bring you into the story and create a real life "video game-style" world where you can have a hand in deciding the fate of the story and characters. Over the course of this 2-hour event, 30 actors inhabit the space as audience members are encouraged to follow whomever they choose and be as  involved  in  the  narrative  as  they want... at The Wonder you truly 'choose your own adventure'!


The year is 1959 and Earth has perfected commercial space travel. First stop: Saturn! Enjoy your visit to the small town of Hyperion Flats and all it has to offer. Grab a Splarf Soda at the Pop 'n Bop Soda Fountain where the greasers roam and romp! Participate in far-out experiments at the Research Center where only the dangerously creative shape the future! Get an alien makeover at Mudy's Beauty, grab a room at the Moonbeam Motel, or head to the mainstage for the hilarious comedy of Duzille Orb, the toe-tapping doo-wop tunes of The Meteorettes, and the rock n' roll stylings of your host, Raaz Gudem! Blast off and join the Saturnites for a rollicking good time.


The STARGAZER ticket includes early admission into Sockhop on Saturn (7:00pm), a deluxe three-poster set, five “jöts” (Saturn currency) to spend on bonus immersion-enhancing experiences during the production, and an exclusive 20-minute play to kick off the night…perfect for theatre lovers and those wanting deeper immersion into the world!



The MOONWALKER includes all the bonus fun of the STARGAZER as well as five more “jöts” (Saturn currency) and the Photopass: an intimate opportunity to stay for 20-minutes after the show to explore the sets and snap that perfect photo of you and friends or with your favorite Saturnite! 


The COMET-RIDER is the ultimate experience! Add together all the magic of the STARGAZER & MOONWALKER... and throw in a limited-edition Sockhop on Saturn t-shirt, V.I.P. seating to the exclusive play, two extra deluxe posters for a total set of five, an unlimited flow of soda, and 20 "jöts" for the most bonus enhancements to your immersive experience